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This beautiful range of Tropical flowers of the world comprises of 24 different bobbins each hand painted by Claire Edmond the name of the flower and the country it comes from are painted on the bobbin along with the flower e.g. Africa, Glory Lilly 


  • Africa, Glory Lilly.
  • Argentina, Cats Claw Vine.
  • Brazil, Paper Flower.
  • Brazil, Easter Orchid. 
  • China, Orchid Tree. 
  • Columbia, Tailflower
  • West. West Indies, Ixora.
  • Ecuador, Pink Quill.
  • Hawaii, Lobster Claw.
  • India, Clock Vine.
  • Java, Vanda Orchid.
  • Mexico, Cup & Saucer Vine.
  • Mexico, Shaving Brush.
  • New Caledonia, Fire Tree
  • Philippines,  Rosy Moth Orchid.
  • South Africa, Bird of Paradise,
  • South Africa, Tree Fuchsia.
  • South East Asia, Shell Ginger.
  • South Sea Islands, Torch Ginger. 
  • Thailand, Asiatic Lady’s Slipper.
  • Trinidad, Cannonball Tree.
  • Tropical Africa, Sausage Tree.
  • Tropical South America,
  • Red Passion Flower.
  • West Indies, Tabebuia.


Available in Ebony, Lemonwood or Bone for Styles A and B. Styles C, D, E, F, G, H, and I are ONLY available in Ebony (black coloured wood)

(A) Midland (B) Honiton, (C) Long Square, (D) Short Square, (E) International Square, (F) Bayeux, (G) 11mm Flanders, (H) Binche, (I) Continental

Please note:  Delivery time. Most of the bobbins need to be turned and hand painted to order. If you need your order by a particular date then please contact me for delivery times before placing a order.

Priced per bobbin

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Tropical Flowers of the World