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The Bobbin Shop

You can buy lace bobbins in wood & bone, made the following styles; Midland, Honiton, Long Square, Short Square, International Square, Bayeux, Flanders, Binche and Continental.

. Over 30 Years Experience of Lace Bobbin Making.
. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal all accepted
. The Most Beautiful Commemorative Lace Bobbins for all Occasions.
. UK & International Bobbin a Month Club.  
. Lace Days, Fairs & Meetings Attended.
. Exquisite Hand painting.
. Unique Ebony with Pewter Inlay Lace Bobbins.
. Bobbins Sold with or without Spangles.
. Over 150,000 Bobbins Sold Worldwide.
. Computer controlled engraved bobbins. The finest text and graphical designs you can get.

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